2019 International Conference On Computer Aided Design

The Premier Conference Devoted to Technical Innovations in Electronic Design Automation

November 4-7, 2019The Westin Westminster Westminster, CO


IEEE/ACM William J. McCalla ICCAD Best Paper Award

This award is given in memory of William J. McCalla for his contributions to ICCAD and his CAD technical work throughout his career.

Front-End Award:

Session 5C.1 DNNBuilder: An Automated Tool for Building High-Performance DNN Hardware Accelerators for FPGAs

Xiaofan Zhang - Univ. of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Junsong Wang, Chao Zhu, Yonghua Lin - IBM Research - China
JinJun Xiong - IBM T.J. Watson Research Center
Wen-Mei Hwu, Deming Chen - Univ. of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Back-End Award:

Session 10B.1: PolyCleaner: Clean Your Polynomials Before Backward Rewriting to Verify Million-Gate Multipliers

Alireza Mahzoon - Universität Bremen
Daniel Grosse - Universität Bremen / DFKI
Rolf Drechsler - Universität Bremen / DFKI

Ten Year Retrospective Most Influential Paper

2008 Paper Titled: A Low-Overhead Fault Tolerance Scheme for TSV-Based 3D Network on Chip

Igor Loi, University of Bologna
Subhasish Mitra, Thomas H. Lee, Stanford University, California
Shinobu Fujita, Toshiba
Luca Benini, University of Bologna

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CAD Contest 2019

The CAD Contest at ICCAD is a challenging, multi-month, research and development competition, focusing on advanced, real-world problems in the field of Electronic Design Automation (EDA). It is open to multi-person teams world-wide. Each year the organizing committee announce three challenging problems in different topic areas provided by industrial companies. Contestants can participate in one or more problems. The prizes will be awarded at an ICCAD special session dedicated to this contest.

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