Welcome to ICCAD

Welcome to the 2008 International Conference on Computer-Aided Design (ICCAD), the world’s premier conference in electronic design technology!

As we enter our second quarter century, ICCAD continues to evolve and grow. This year, in addition to the always superb technical paper program, a wealth of panels, embedded tutorials, and half-day tutorials, ICCAD has opened its doors to external workshops which will be colocated with ICCAD. To do this, we have made some adjustments to the program to insure that attendees still get the maximum technical content and networking opportunities.

ICCAD starts on Monday, November 10th with the plenary session and an exciting Keynote speech by Mary Lou Jepsen, chief hardware architect of the famous “One Laptop per Child” project. She will talk about that project and about CAD for displays. Our second keynote is by Dmitri “Mitya” Chklovskii, world renowned for his research on the human brain and how it relates to traditional computers. In addition, we have Giovanni de Micheli, a CAD veteran well known for his distinguished contributions over decades, talking about exciting new frontiers in biology and environmental engineering during lunch on Tuesday. As if all of this is not enough, ICCAD offers one more “hot” session on “green data centers”. We are all aware of the increasing cost of energy and how it impacts our environment, so on Monday we have invited Greg Papadopoulos, CTO of Sun Microsystems, and Urs Holzle, VP of Operations from Google, to talk about current and future challenges in this extremely important area.

The remainder of the technical program turns from Monday to Wednesday. This year we received 458 worldwide submissions and our 90 strong technical program committee, after much deliberation, selected 122 excellent papers for presentation. These papers are split into 40 sessions over the three days of the technical program. In order to reserve time for the colocated workshops, we have moved ICCAD’s stellar tutorials to be in parallel with the technical sessions. This means that those of you intending to attend a tutorial will still be able to attend a workshop on Thursday. This year we have four half-day tutorials on a variety of hot topics being delivered by world-renowned experts. In addition, the ICCAD program this year includes three embedded tutorials, as well as two designer sessions, both focused on providing additional broad perspectives for our CAD audience. While all this technical content is more than enough to completely occupy every ICCAD attendee, we recognize that many of you value the networking and meeting opportunities offered by the conference. This year ICCAD hosts many social events and meetings designed to keep you in touch with like-minded colleagues. These events include our traditional Monday evening panel on the future of technology and numerous meetings for CEDA, SIGDA and other organizations.

We are sure you will find that ICCAD 2008 continues to be the ideal place to absorb exciting technical content, stay on top of emerging fields with superb tutorials, keep in contact with colleagues, and participate in all aspects of design automation. We look forward to seeing you. Enjoy the conference!!

Dr. Sani R. Nassif

General Chair, Sani Nassif - IBM Austin Research Lab Austin, TX
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