2017 International Conference On Computer Aided Design

The Premier Conference Devoted to Technical Innovations in Electronic Design Automation

November 13-16, 2017Irvine Marriott Irvine, CA

Speaker Resource Center

Congratulations on being accepted to present at ICCAD 2017! This Speaker Resource Center is designed to help Technical Session presenters prepare for your proceedings papers, slide presentation, and responsibilities at conference.

Participating in a Special Session or Embedded Tutorial? Click here to view our Invited Speaker Reource Center. 


Trevor Kearns Conference Program Coordinator

Important Deadlines


Presentation Prep


  • Each presentation will be allotted 30 minutes. Please see the timing breakdown below.
  • All speakers are required to bring their slides to the conference and load them onto the computers in the meeting rooms--please arrive 30 minutes early to ensure you have plenty of time to load your slides on the computer.


Deadline: Monday, October 9

On October 9, MP Associates will email the designated speaker with instructions and a link to enter their personal Bio, which will be used to introduce them at the conference.


Deadline: Monday, October 9 (Slides Uploaded for Review) Deadline: Wednesday, October 18 (Feedback Communicated From Moderator)

  • Prior to the conference, the session moderator will review each presenter's slides and provide feedback to the speaker.
  • On October 2, MP Associates will email the speaker instructions and a link to upload their presentation slides for review by Monday, October 9.
  • When the moderator has completed their slide review, the speaker will receive an email notification to log back into the review site to view the moderator's comments.
  • Please contact the session moderator if you do not hear from them with feedback by Wednesday, October 18. You will find their email at the top of the page where you upload your slides.


Deadline: Wednesday, November 1

All presenters are asked to upload their final presentation slides so they can be included in the ICCAD History pages on www.iccad.com. MP Associates will email the speaker instructions on when and where to do this.

Conference Prep

Please plan to arrive 30 minutes prior to the start of your session to familiarize yourself with the equipment and prepare for the session. Speakers are responsible for loading their slides on the computer in the meeting room using a USB drive. Please note: presentations may not be run from the speaker's personal laptop. 


Please attend the Speaker's Breakfast (Room: Salon D) the day of your presentation:

  • Monday, November 13 at 8:00am
  • Tuesday, November 14 at 7:15am
  • Wednesday, November 15 at 8:00am


Meeting rooms will have the following equipment: 

  • LCD Projector (Pro Series 11 4600 Lumens)
  • NEW THIS YEAR: 16x9 Aspect Ratio Screen (Please ensure your slide format meets this ratio)
  • Laptop Computer (Dell Optiplex with Microsoft Office 2010, Adobe Acrobat Rader XI, LibreOffice v4 Stable, and OpenOffice v4 Stable)
  • Wireless Lavaliere Microphone

An AV Practice Room will be available in Suite 206 on Monday, and Suite 218 on Tuesday and Wednesday, set up with a computer, LCD projector, and screen for you to practice/view your slides before your session. 

  • Monday, November 13 - 7:00am to 6:00pm
  • Tuesday, November 14 - 7:00am to 6:00pm
  • Wednesday, November 15 - 7:00am to 6:00pm