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The ICCAD review process is both blind and confidential. Reviewers do not know the names of the authors, and reviewers must maintain confidentiality as proscribed by the IEEE, which states in IEEE Policie 10.1.13

10.1.13 Confidentiality
IEEE policy requires that conferences maintain confidentially in handling submitted papers. Therefore a conference committee should treat the contents of submitted papers/abstracts as privileged information and should not disclose this information to others not involved in the review process prior to the presentation or publication. The conference committee shall ensure that referees are aware of this policy. It is expected that anyone with access to a paper under review will not make inappropriate use of the special knowledge which that access provides.


ICCAD 2010 Paper Submission Guidelines and FAQs

Deadline for Paper Submissions
The submission paper deadline is 5:00 pm Pacific Daylight Time (GMT -07:00), April 19, 2010. We always have several authors contact the ICCAD office asking for a deadline extension. Due to the limited review cycle, NO extensions are granted for ANY reason.

Topics for Paper Submissions
Refer to the Call for Papers for a detailed list of topics and other guidelines.

Paper Format Guidelines and Templates
IEEE will hold the 2010 copyright for the ICCAD proceedings.

Keep in mind that if your paper is accepted to be published in the ICCAD Proceedings, 4 pages are free of charge, and each page beyond 4 pages is charged $125.00 per page.

Templates are available on the IEEE website here
Templates are available on the ACM website here

Note to LaTeX Users: Use Type 1 fonts ONLY – do NOT use Type 3 fonts.

The Proceedings
The 2010 ICCAD Proceedings will be published on a CD ROM. The CD ROM will available at the conference.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Paper Submission

Q: How do I convert my file to a PDF?
A PDF is a Portable Document Format file that is cross platform compatible. You can easily create a PDF using Adobe Acrobat. To find out more about Adobe Acrobat, visit

Other types of FREEWARE can be found at We have NOT tested any FREEWARE products, so we cannot attest to their viability.
Be Sure to check your pdf file with Adobe Acrobat Reader BEFORE submitting it. Acrobat Reader is Free at

Q: How do I submit my paper?
There is a link on the ICCAD home page. Click on the link, sign in using your username and password, and thorough instructions guide you through the submission process. The submission site is open.

Q: I created my paper on a computer with UNIX OS. Will this paper be compatible with your systems?
If you convert your paper to a PDF it will be compatible with our systems. PDF files are cross platform compatible. Again, check your pdf file with Adobe Acrobat Reader BEFORE submitting it.

Q: Do I also need to submit a hard copy of my paper?
No, DO NOT submit a hard copy of your paper. NO HARD COPIES of submissions will be accepted at the ICCAD office.

Q: When will I know if my submission has been accepted?
The submission Correspondent will be notified by email of acceptance or rejection by July 2.

Q: If my paper is accepted, what’s next?
You will be notified that it was accepted, and you will receive detailed instructions to submit the final version of your paper, and to present your paper at the conference.
Final paper deadline is August 13.

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