IEEE/ACM William J. McCalla Best Paper Award

This award is given in memory of William J. McCalla for his contributions to ICCAD and his CAD technical work throughout his career.
This annual award is jointly sponsored by IEEE/CAS, IEEE CEDA, and ACM/SIGDA.

2010 Winner(s)

9A.1 SimPL: An Effective Placement Algorithm
Myung-Chul Kim, Dong-Jin Lee and Igor L. Markov - University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI

2009 Winner(s)
Paper 4C.1 TAPE: Thermal-Aware Agent-Based Power Economy for Multi/Many-Core Architectures
Thomas Ebi, Mohammad Abdullah Al Faruque, Jörg Henkel - Univ. Karlsruhe

Paper 7A.1 An Elegant Hardware-Corroborated Statistical Repair and Test Methodology for Conquering Aging Effects
Rouwaida Kanj, Rajiv Joshi, Chad Adams, James Warnock, Sani Nassif - IBM Corp.

2008 Winner(s)
Paper 4.1* Optimization-based Framework for Simultaneous Circuit-and-System Design-space Exploration: A High-speed Link Example
Ranko Sredojevic, Vladimir Stojanovic - Massachusetts Institute of Tech., Cambridge, MA

Paper 9.1* Guaranteed Stable Projection-based Model Reduction for Indefinite and Unstable Linear Systems
Bradley N. Bond, Luca Daniel - Massachusetts Institute of Tech., Cambridge, MA

2007 Winner(s)
Paper 4B.1 - Approximation Algorithm for the Temperature-Aware Scheduling Problem
Sushu Zhang, Karam S. Chatha - Arizona State Univ., Tempe, AZ

2006 Winner(s)
Paper 1B.1 - Joint Design-Time and Post-Silicon Minimization of Parametric Yield Loss using Adjustable Robust Optimization
Murai Mani, Ashish K. Singh, Michael Orshansky - Univ. of Texas, Austin, TX

2005 Winner(s)
Paper 8A.1 - FastSies: A Fast Stochastic Integral Equation Solver for Modeling the Rough Surface Effect
Zhenhai Zhu - Cadence Design Systems, Inc., Berkeley, CA
Jacob K. White - Massachusetts Institute of Tech., Cambridge, MA

2004 Winner(s)
Paper 1A.1 - Asymptotic Probability Extraction for Non-Normal Distributions of Circuit Performance
Xin Li, Jiayong Le, Padmini Gopalakrishnan, Lawrence T. Pileggi - Carnegie Mellon Univ., Pittsburgh, PA
Paper 1D.2 - SPRIM: Structure-Preserving Reduced-Order Interconnect Macromodeling
Roland W. Freund - Univ. of California, Davis, CA

2003 Winner(s)
Paper 6C.1 - Noise Analysis for Optical Fiber Communication Systems
Alper Demir - KOC Univ., Sariyer-Istanbul, Turkey
Paper 8B.1 - Block-Based Static Timing Analysis with Uncertainty
Anirudh Devgan - IBM Research, Austin, TX
Chandramouli Kashyap - IBM Microelectronics, Austin, TX

2002 Winner(s)
Paper 3D.1 - A Local Circuit Topology for Inductance Parasitics
Andrea Pacelli - State Univ. of New York, Stony Brook, NY
Paper 8B.2 - Metrics for Structural Logic Synthesis
Prabhakar Kudva, William Dougherty, Andrew Sullivan - IBM Corp., Yorktown Hts., NY


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